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"I retained Jeff Yoss of The Law Office of Jeff M. Yoss, APC, to represent me in a real estate case in the High Desert. Jeff Yoss ended up successfully trying the case for me.  I found Jeff Yoss at all times, to be hard working, diligent and a very competent attorney. Jeff Yoss at all times represented my case with the utmost professionalism and was always impeccably prepared with all the details, facts, evidence and case law needed. My wife and myself are very grateful to have had Jeff Yoss as our attorney. I have and will continue to highly recommend Jeff Yoss to other individuals."

C. V. Modugno

"Three years ago I purchased a winter residence in Rancho Mirage, California. Shortly after purchase, many areas in the house were discovered to have mold which was covered up by the previous owners. I had to address the mold issues with many repairs, a mold hygienist, and certification of a mold free environment. When it was apparent a lawsuit was indicated, the hygienist recommended Mr. Jeff Yoss as an experienced attorney with much knowledge of mold issues and Home Owners Associations. Many other repairs were required during the reconstruction due to ineptness of building inspector, dishonesty of realtors and an irresponsible response by the H.O.A. Mr. Yoss was very successful in recovering a sizeable amount of my expenses at the mediation. He proved each party’s financial responsibility with these many issues. I would recommend Mr. Yoss as a very diligent and responsible attorney."

L. Samuel

"I want to thank you for your skilled handling of my case. Despite determined and high cost opposition by the defense and in spite of Riverside County’s clogged court calendar, which added several years to the resolution, the final outcome could hardly have been better, total recovery of all damages, legal costs and expert fees.

I was impressed by the skillful, methodical, unflappable and polite manner in which you took the defendants’ depositions, painstakingly chipping away at their statements until the truth emerged. I was equally impressed by the way you managed to control costs over the four-year length of the litigation. The attorneys for the defense remarked on several occasions that my legal costs would have been two or three times higher in the hands of most lawyers.

Thank you for your expert guidance through the clogged and convoluted Riverside County court system and for your firm but diplomatic work with the defense attorneys and experts from both sides, which enabled me to reach a mediated resolution, avoid the expense of trial, and achieve full recovery of all damages and legal costs. A legal trifecta, indeed!"

N. Lofthus

"I have known Mr. Yoss since 2006 and highly recommend him to those seeking an honest, hard-working, and results driven attorney.  He stands apart from others in the legal profession, because he truly cares about his clients and works to protect their interests, above his own.  I have found Mr. Yoss to be a great listener and always willing to consider all viewpoints.  He is respectful of others, a quick study, and a very effective and likable attorney."

M. Evans

"Jeff Yoss handled a case for me and my fiancée. I had another lawyer before Mr. Yoss and was extremely unhappy with what he had done. Mr. Yoss fixed the problems created by this other lawyer and proceeded to handle the case with the necessary expertise. I found Mr. Yoss to be very thorough, diligent, hard-working and an excellent strategist. I would highly recommend Mr. Yoss as a lawyer to other people."

G. Roth


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