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"I want to thank you for your skilled handling of my case. Despite determined and high cost opposition by the defense and in spite of Riverside County’s clogged court calendar, which added several years to the resolution, the final outcome could hardly have been better, total recovery of all damages, legal costs and expert fees.

I was impressed by the skillful, methodical, unflappable and polite manner in which you took the defendants’ depositions, painstakingly chipping away at their statements until the truth emerged. I was equally impressed by the way you managed to control costs over the four-year length of the litigation. The attorneys for the defense remarked on several occasions that my legal costs would have been two or three times higher in the hands of most lawyers.

Thank you for your expert guidance through the clogged and convoluted Riverside County court system and for your firm but diplomatic work with the defense attorneys and experts from both sides, which enabled me to reach a mediated resolution, avoid the expense of trial, and achieve full recovery of all damages and legal costs. A legal trifecta, indeed!"

N. Lofthus


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