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"Three years ago I purchased a winter residence in Rancho Mirage, California. Shortly after purchase, many areas in the house were discovered to have mold which was covered up by the previous owners. I had to address the mold issues with many repairs, a mold hygienist, and certification of a mold free environment. When it was apparent a lawsuit was indicated, the hygienist recommended Mr. Jeff Yoss as an experienced attorney with much knowledge of mold issues and Home Owners Associations. Many other repairs were required during the reconstruction due to ineptness of building inspector, dishonesty of realtors and an irresponsible response by the H.O.A. Mr. Yoss was very successful in recovering a sizeable amount of my expenses at the mediation. He proved each party’s financial responsibility with these many issues. I would recommend Mr. Yoss as a very diligent and responsible attorney."

L. Samuel


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